The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) seeks five sex workers to join its Board of Directors


The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) is looking for sex workers and nationals or residents of West, and Central Africa (Anglophone and Francophone) and Southern African (Anglophone and Lusaphone) who demonstrate commitment to human rights and social justice, advocacy for sex worker communities and have knowledge on and experience in Movement building and Networking.

The 5 sex workers will join a team of 2 co-opted board advisors, (non–sex workers) who will provide technical assistance to the organisation. The co-opted members will have non-voting rights on the board.

ASWA, the Pan Africa Alliance of sex worker led groups and organisations exists to strengthen the voices, to empower and to advocate for and advance the health and human rights of female, male and transgender sex workers including those living with HIV and those who use or inject drugs through networking, movement building, and the development of partnerships.

The Process

 To apply please send a CV, a letter of interest describing your unique set of skills and expertise you bring onboard with at least 3 referees.

Sent nominations to by January 15, 2018. All nominations will be factored in the election process carried out through our public member list serve.

Only ASWA member organisations are eligible to cast one (1) vote per each.  

For more information read: The African Sex Workers Alliance call for nomination for board members