PENINAH WANJIKU is the chair of African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) board. She is also the Executive Director Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Program (BHESP), a leading sex worker organisation based in Kenya that primarily focuses on advocating for the rights of sex workers in Kenya. Peninah also sits on the board of Kenya’s Country Coordinating Mechanisms representing Key Populations.

BEYONCE KARUNGI is a trans sex worker from Uganda and the Executive Director for Transgender Equality Uganda.



MAMBO MODESTE is a male sex worker from the East part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He also is the Executive Director of Humanitarian Action for Health and Development Community (AHUSADEC), the national sex workers movement in DRC.


HAKIMA ABBAS is a political analyst and feminist working with the AWID Forum based in Dakar, Senegal, as Director of Programs.



A lawyer by profession,ALLAN MALECHE is the Executive Director of Kenya Legal and Ethical Issues Network (KELIN ). Allan is also the Global Fund alternative board member from the developing countries NGO delegation.