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African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA)

ASWA is the Pan-African Alliance of sex worker-led organisations that amplifies the voices of sex workers and advocates for the health and human rights of the diverse community of sex workers working and living in Africa.


UHAI-EASHRI calls for more support to sex workers in DR Congo

More resources are needed to support and build a strong sex workers movement in DR Congo, a...

Shaun Zukwelihle Bibi on why he became a sex worker and rights activist

(In this interview, the sex worker leader talks about his life, work and activism). He was abused and...

ASWA hosts HIVOS for talks on KP Reach Programme

The HIVOS Regional team that includes Blessing Madziyanike, Chivuli Ukwimi, Regis Tafadzwa with ASWA staff. On September 13,...