ASWA to host 4 Sex Worker Academies Africa (SWAA) in 2018

This year, the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) will host four Sex Worker Academies Africa (SWAA).

The first academy took place in March, 2018 with 18 sex workers from South Africa, Angola and Kenya.

In May, Liberia, Burkina Faso and Kenya took part in SWAA while The Gambia, Madagascar and Kenya participated in the Academy in September.

The 2018 chapter of SWAA closes in November when participants from Mali, Swaziland and Kenya attend the Academy in Nairobi.

Graduates of the academy will share their learning and work with other sex worker activists in their countries in an effort to build strong national movements across Africa.

  About the Sex Worker AcademyAfrica (SWAA)

SWAA aims to strengthen the sex workers’ rights movement across Africa, through building the capacity of sex workers to engage in policy and programme development and implementation and through strengthening sex worker-led organisations and national networks.

SWAA is guided by an Advisory Group of sex workers from across Africa.

SWAA will be facilitated by a Faculty of Kenyan sex workers who have been trained to implement the curriculum developed through collaboration with Ashodaya Academy and VAMP Institute (sex worker collectives) in India, APNSW (Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers) and NSWP (Global Network of Sex Work Projects).

SWAA has been developed as a Pan-African resource to build the capacity of sex workers and sex worker national movements to influence policy and programming and develop their own services. Each SWAA academy will train 18 sex workers (3 country teams) as community mobilisers during a 7-day workshop in Nairobi, Kenya.

SWAA participants will visit two demonstration site sex worker-led organisations – Bar Hostesses Empowerment and Support programme (BHESP) and Health Options for Young Men on HIV and Aids HOYMAS in Nairobi.

Each SWAA academy will train country teams of sex workers from three different African countries, one of which must be a French or Portuguese speaking country (translation will be provided) and one of which will be Kenya to identify and train future Faculty members.

All sex workers must be nominated as part of the national team and must be able to attend all 7 days of the academy. Participants who graduate from SWAA will be awarded certificates of competence.

About SWAA participants

No INDIVIDUAL APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. However, all participants in SWAA require a high level of commitment to the sex workers’ rights movement in their country.The criteria for selection is as follows:

  1. Each country must nominate a national team of 6 Sex Workers with a gender and geographic balance within the team.
  2. Each national team should include sex workers with a desire to build and strengthen the sex workers’ rights movement in their own country and across Africa.
  3. Each national team should have experience in HIV prevention, treatment, care and support programmes for sex workers and advocacy for sex workers’ rights
  4. All sex workers nominated must have ability to communicate in English, French or Portuguese – both written and verbal.
  5. All sex workers nominated must have access to Internet for regular email and Skype communications and mobile phone access.
  6. All sex workers nominated must have the support of the organisation they are affiliated to, including time off to attend the SWAA and to carry out national activities following their graduation from SWAA.

ASWA members are encouraged to submit their national team applications as early as possible, all successful applications will be placed on a waiting list with the top scoring teams being offered the opportunity to attend the next SWAA academy. Applications can be submitted throughout the year, but the cut-off date for applications that will be considered for the four academies is as follows:


  1. 1st Academy – 14th – 20th March

    2018 (Arrival on 14th and

    departure on 21st

    South Africa , Angola and Kenya

    Scheduled already

    2nd Academy – 9th -15th May 2018 (Arrival on 9th and departure on 16th)

    Friday 20th April 2018

    3rd Academy – 5th -11th (September 2018 (Arrival on 5th and departure on 12th)

    Friday 20th July 2018

    4th Academy – 7th -13th (November (Arrival on 7th and departure on 14th)

    Friday 31st August 2018

Country team applications must be completed electronically and all 6 nominations must be submitted together by email to the ASWA Secretariat

Each country team application must include the passport of the proposed participants.

Note: All national team applications will be reviewed by the ASWA Coordinator and SWAA Advisory Group.

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