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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Despite Rising Hostilities in Tanzania, Clara Refuses to be Silenced

For the next few months, ASWA will be highlighting the work of courageous African sex workers’ rights activists across the continent. ASWA  is also building the profile of these activists doing commendable work but are often not highlighted. Most are ASWA members, while others are emerging activists.  ‘CLARA’ Clara, as she is popularly known,talks about her life,

The Red Umbrella Fund 2017 Global Call for Applications is Now Open!

ASWA encourages sex worker led organisations in Africa to apply for the Red Umbrella Fund grant call Is your group, organisation or network led by sex workers? Do you agree that sex work should be recognised as work? Do you contribute to building and strengthening the sex workers’ rights movement(s)? The Red Umbrella Fund gives

Sex Worker Organizing at CFCS VI

The 6th Changing Faces, Changing Spaces (CFCS) conference is currently underway, and African sex workers are part of this important regional convening. Organised by UHAI EASHRI, this convening, held once every two years, brings together African sex workers, LGBTI activists, donors, and partners, to connect, question, promote, and increase visibility, of their organising around the continent.

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