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Monthly Archives: July 2017

How to Apply For The Red Umbrella Fund

With the grant application deadline approaching, the Red Umbrella Fund has published easy ways for organisations to consider while applying for funding. According to the organisation’s Programme Associate, Dennis van Wanrooij, the hints breakdown the requirements in the application process. In the past, some sex worker-led organisations have said they did not understand the process. Among

Call For More Funding to Sex Worker-led Organizations

Donors should increase funding to sex worker-led organizations to improve support for their work. This call comes amid reports that the global amount of grant making invested in sex worker health and rights organisations is small, and that the vast majority of financial support comes in the form of HIV prevention funding. There have been

Lala Maty on Why She Speaks for Sex Workers in Senegal

Lala Maty is an activist from Senegal. In this interview, she talks about her life, work and activism. How did you become a defender of the rights of sex workers? What inspired you? For a long time, matters concerning sex workers were handled by health professionals and the government. They made all the important decisions concerning

Scholarships to Attend ICASA 2017 Now Available

VIDEO: Key populations at ICASA 2015: Speech by ASWA director, DaughtieOgutu; GNP+ ASWA encourages sex workers, and other Key Populations to apply for the current call for scholarships to attend ICASA 2017 African sex workers and other Key Populations groups, can now apply for scholarships to attend the 19thInternational Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted

ASWA Welcomes Participants From Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Kenya to The Sex Worker Academy Africa (SWAA)

ASWA welcome participants from Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Kenya to the Sex Worker Academy Africa (SWAA) which started on July, 3, and end on July 7, 2017.

The Second Episode of ‘Neko Weyogerere,’ The Bi-monthly Talk Show by Sex Workers in Uganda is Out

The second episode of a radio show by Ugandan sex workers is out. The talk show highlights their work, and pass key messaging around HIV, and human rights. The show known as ‘NEKO WEYOGERERE’ (Sex workers speak out) is a bi-monthly, and seeks to give sex workers a forum where they can express themselves openly.

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