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Monthly Archives: September 2017

ASWA Adds Voice to Global Call For Safe And Legal Abortion

The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) has added its voice to the global call for access to safe and legal abortion. ASWA is among 285 organisations that have signed a joint statement to the UN Human Rights Council, which is currently holding its 36th session in New York, US, calling for an end to criminalisation of

Thank You Message From Daughtie Ogutu –ASWA Executive Director

I sincerely would like to thank each and every one who contributed towards my eye treatment. Your kindness and generosity has really touched my heart, the amount of support to my children and I has moved me beyond measure. The calls and texts and prayers we received every day since has been overwhelming and given

Shaun Zukwelihle Bibi on Why He Became a Sex Worker and Rights Activist

(In this interview, the sex worker leader talks about his life, work and activism). He was abused and taken to healers to cure him of his sexuality when he was a teeager. Then, he did not know his rights, but after that he vowed to educate others. He now works as a paralegal at Women’s

Rising The Red Umbrella in Africa: The Birth of African Sex Workers Alliance

Raising Red Umbrellas in Africa, is a documentary detailing the sex work movement, and initial organising, that led to the formation of the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA). ASWA is the pan African alliance of sex worker-led organisations that seeks to amplify, promote, and protect the human rights of sex workers living, and working in Africa.

South Africa Launches First Ever Book for Clients of Sex Workers

In yet another milestone in advocacy, South Africa is set to launch the first health and safety handbook designed specifically for clients of sex workers on September 19. The purpose of the handbook, a project of Sonke Gender Justice, is to create a safe space for sex workers and their clients to discuss and agree

Meet Kenya’s Tireless Advocate for Access to Quality Healthcare For Sex Workers in Kenya

Brandon Kimani has been an ambassador for PrEP and ensures those from the key population access quality services at a clinic run by LVCT Health where he works How did you become involved with sex worker rights activism? What issues or people inspired you? My personal experiences as a sex worker pushed me to activism. As

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