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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Mali Sex Workers Caught Between Jihadis’ and Government Bullets

Continued fighting between rebels in north and central regions Mali and government troops has left sex workers and their children exposed to death and violence. The country rich in ancient history has been at war for the last six years. For centuries, its northern city of Timbuktu was a key regional trading post and center of

What African Sex Workers Want

By Denis Nzioka There are three things sex workers desire, and hope for Rather than looking at the ethical, religious or personal stances on sex work, it is important to first acknowledge that sex work has borne the brunt of a highly stigmatising society, and one whose sexual conservativeness has often clouded, and looked in

Why Bad Black Stands Up For Transwomen Sex Workers in Uganda

Bad Black is the Executive Director of Foundation for Trans Women Living With HIV Uganda. She counts herself among the veterans in the sex workers movement in her county. This is perhaps the reason her friends named her after a famous a rich female sex worker who was not afraid of expressing herself. Those who

Call For Nominations to The 2018 Sex Worker Academy Africa

This year, the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) will host four Sex Worker Academies Africa (SWAA). The first academy is scheduled for March, 2018 with 18 sex workers from South Africa, Angola and Kenya expected to kick off the training. Other countries that will participate in SWAA 2018 are Liberia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Gambia, Madagascar

ASWA Trains Four Sub-regional Leaders to Work With Member Groups

Ainigmas Maya from Burundi, Pamela Chakuvinga from Sisonke, South Africa, Daisy Nakato, founder of Wonetha in Uganda. To strengthen capacity among its members, the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) has trained four leaders of sex worker-led organisations in Africa. The four will act as sub-regional experts working with member organisations to fill their capacity gaps.

A Coffee Date Inspired Zimbabwe’s Charmaine to The Frontline of Activism

One morning six years ago, Charmaine Rietumetsi Dube joined her friend at their favourite café for their usual girl talk. However, her last sip, marked the beginning of a new call that thrust her at the heart of the sex workers movement in her home town and eventually the country How and when did you

Tele Mensah Talks About Overcoming Brutality to Build Vibrant Movement in Togo

(In this interview, the sex worker leader talks about his life, work and activism). Cynthia as she is commonly known in activism circles, says she is too aware of the violence often meted on sex workers because she was once a victim seven years ago. Now, she is one of the fiercest champions of the

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