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Monthly Archives: July 2018

ASWA at This Year’s AIDS Conference in Amsterdam

The largest global gathering on HIV and AIDS returns to Amsterdam is underway in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) is among hundreds of civil society organisations represented in the biennial conference is organised by the International AIDS Society, the world’s leading independent association of HIV professionals. This year’s theme is: “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges”,

Uganda: Sex Workers Call For Swift Action on Rising Cases of Women Murders

Sex workers have raised alarm over the rising cases of murder and kidnapping of women in Uganda. In over one-year, more than 30 women have been brutally killed. According to Uganda Network for Sex Worker Organisations (UNESO), in 2017, 28 women were brutally murdered and an additional 10 have at least been killed this year.

Cameroon: Alarm Over High Mental Health Problems Among FWS and MSM

Researchers have raised a red flag over the state of mental health among Female Sex Workers (FWS) and Men who have sex with Men (MSM) in Cameroon. The situation is particularly grave for FWS also facing the highest HIV infection burden in the Central African country. The survey carried out in five regions of Cameroon

Ethiopia: Sex Worker Group Finds Ways to Survive Tough Funding Rules

The law says organisations must get 90 percent of their funding from domestic sources restricting external support. Ethiopia is considered as one of the most hostile countries for human rights groups. The country has repressive laws that severely restrict the activities of nongovernmental organisations, especially international ones. For example, the law on NGOs says that

Media Campaign Hopes to Address Discrimination and Violence Against Sex Workers

A media campaign aimed at changing and challenging societal attitude towards sex work, sexual orientation and gender identity has been launched in Southern Africa. The campaign involved sharing real-life stories of people across eight countries who are sex workers, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and how they have been accepted in the communities they live in.

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