ASWA  board comprises eight members elected to represent regional balance of our membership. 

Meet the team.

Hajjara Sanyu (Uganda) (Board Chair)

Hajjara is a sex worker, a queer feminist, a human rights activist and defender. Besides that, she is the Executive Director Lady of Mermaid’s Bureau. She is the alternate representative of Key Affected Population on the Global Fund Uganda Country Coordinating Mechanism, a Board Assistant Treasurer at Most at Risk Populations Network and Community Advisory Board Assistant Chairperson for Key and Priority Populations of BAYLOR Uganda.

She works for a sex worker led organisation with experience on key population programming, strong community and national advocacy skills, research and documentation, governance leadership and strategic management of empowering communities for change.

She is also a Gender Based Violence Champion and trainer with 10 years’ working experience with sex worker led organisations and networks at National and regional level.

Hajjara is broadly experienced in programming, advocacy, research and documentation, governance leadership and strategic management.

She is a solution driven manager, coordinator, networker, mobiliser, communicator and mediator. She believes in equal rights for all human beings without stigma and discrimination.

She holds a Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership, Deakin University Melbourne Australia.


Hassna Murenzi (Rwanda) (Vice Chair)

Hassna is the Executive Director and a founding member of Feminist Action Development Alliance (FADA), a sex worker and LBT led organisation in Rwanda.

She has been a part of the Rwandan Sex Work and LBT movement for the last 10 years. She is also the Rwandan National Key Informant for the Global Network of Sex Work Projects and the National Coordinator in Rwanda. She has extensive administrative and leadership skills.

 Besides her leadership skills, Hassna posses another useful capacity. She is multi-lingual speaks six different languages: English, French Kiswahili, Luganda, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi and is fairly proficient in Arabic.


Bradley Njukia (Kenya) (Secretary to the Board)

Brad is the Deputy National Director of KESWA. 

He has has worked with various organisations in different capacities such as Sex Worker Academy Africa (SWAA-Programme Officer), Ishtar-MSM (Research Assistant) and Hoymas.

Brad has closely worked with human rights organisations in and out of Kenya to advance the rights of sex workers and their sexual, health and reproductive freedoms.

He is a member of the Kenya’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGIE) research advisory committee whose mandate is to ensure meaningful community engagement, development and ownership of research intiatives. One of his key achievements is being among the team that produced Kenya Sex Workers’ Shadow Report on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) titled “Aren’t We Also Women?” The report was submitted to the United Nations Committee on CEDAW during the 68th Session in 2017.


Amaka Enemo (Nigeria)

Amaka Enemo is the national coordinator of Nigeria Sex Workers Association (NSWA) and also the Executive Director of Passion and Concern for Women Welfare and Empowerment Initiative (PACOWWEI), a female sex worker community based organisation based in Abuja. Amaka is also the national chairperson of Key Affected Population secretariat. She is a 2016 AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (AVAC) advocacy fellow and is actively engaged in promoting PrEP for Key Affected Populations in Nigeria. Amaka is one of the most champions for the rights of sex workers and a strong proponent for women rights. She is the first sex worker in Nigeria to present a Shadow Report on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). This was during the 67th CEDAW session in July 2017. She is a graduate of Political Science from Delta State University, Nigeria.


Kholi Buthelezi (South Africa)

Kholi Buthelezi has been a feminist activist since 2002. She is the National Coordinator of SISONKE national movement currently based and fiscally hosted at SWEAT. Sisonke was established in 2003 with Kholi as a founding member, and is a sex work led movement.

Kholi has experience in many spheres of work – she has progressed from being a peer educator, to outreach and development worker, progressing to African Sex Worker Alliance Country Co-ordinator to her current position as Coordinator for Sisonke and a member of the SWEAT management team. She is an active advocate for sex worker rights in South Africa, and across Africa as well as internationally.

Her passion and dream is to mobilise and organise sex workers of all diversities regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity to claim their rights, including advocacy on setting standards for fair and safe working conditions; decriminalise adult sex work, universal access to health, legal and social services; and consistent safer sex practices and sex workers’ health and wellbeing. She works with other women’s organisations, engages in national, regional and international advocacy efforts on sex work.


Lungile Khumalo (eSwatini)

Lungile is the founding member and executive director of the Voice of Our Voices (VOOV), a female sex worker led organisation. A passionate activist, she is not afraid to push boundaries and to raise her voice even in difficult spaces.  

A tireless champion of the rights of sex workers, her advocacy and that of others has led to one of the biggest milestones for her organisation. This is the legal recognition by the Government of eSwatini despite opposition and threats.  

Lungile is an active community member with a background in advocacy under the Human Rights for All project. She has represented sex workers in several national and international advocacy platforms such as Eswatini National Draft Shadow reporting on CEDAW and other platforms.

She is one of the graduates of ASWA’s Sex Workers Academy Africa (SWAA), a training she says has equipped her with leadership and advocacy skills.  

Lungile is a HIV testing services (HTS) counsellor and has worked with different sections of the Key Populations in Eswatini.  One of her most recognised skills is the ability to reach out to those often regarded as unreachable.


Koume Akoua Pelagie (Ivory Coast)

Pelagie is a sex worker, activist and advocate for the rights of sex workers. She is a co-founder and executive of Conscience et Vie (Consciousness and Life), an Ivorian initiative and identity by and for sex workers. She is also a founding member and president of the Network of Key Populations Organisations of Côte d’Ivoire (ROPC-CI). Before starting co-founding her organisation, she had previously worked at the NGO BLETY (a sex worker led organisation) and ANYAMA Espace Confiance (Safe Space).

 In 2009, she worked as a biological laboratory technician for the NGO Espace Confiance. She was involved in a research on the lives and experiences of sex workers on the streets, hotels and in brothels in Abidjan.

She actively involved in campaigns to push for decriminalisation of sex work in her country and a member of a network of sex worker led organisations in Africa (CAFOC-TS). Pelagie hopes to expand her advocacy to regional platforms in Africa.  

She is a graduate of nursing and social sciences.

Mambo Amisi Modeste, Co-Founder, HODSAS

Mambo is human rights defender and activist and epidemiologist, co-founder of HODSAS (Man for Rights and Sexual Health), initiative of men, women and transgender in a context of survival sex, started at the city ​​of Bukavu / South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2010, in response to the promotion of health and protection against this community.