ASWA Interim Caretaker Team Ready to Start Work

An interim nine-member team has been put in place to oversee the transition of African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA).

The Interim Care Taker Committee comprises of ASWA’s Executive Director, Daughtie Ogutu, and current two board co-chairs and five sex worker-led group leaders nominated by ASWA members from each of the African region (Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, Central Africa).

The ICC team will help put in place a formal governance structure, pursue an appropriate registration regime, support board and leadership transitions and come up with a current funding status report to help develop a fundraising plan to make ASWA fit for purpose and enable the organisation serve its constituency better as a regional sex worker organisation.

The overall process is being overseen by consultants. The team is set to meet this month to set timelines for delivering on its mandate for the next six months.

Meet the team.


She is the Executive Director/ Regional Coordinator of African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA).

She is a founding member of the African Sex Workers Alliance -ASWA and a pioneer of the sex workers movement Africa.

Daughtie is a front liner in creating awareness and advocating for the rights of sex workers at national, regional and global levels including lobbying and advocacy for policy reform and decriminalisation of sex work. She is known for her articulation in addressing critical issues such as stigma and discrimination and violence faced by sex workers across the globe.

Her dedication to highlighting the issues of sex workers, places her as a strategic ally to regional and global HIV and human rights organisations such as Amnesty International, UNAIDS and the Global Fund. Daughtie also serves on numerous committees and governing bodies representing sex workers and Key Populations in Africa and globally.

Daughtie ‘s role on the Interim Caretaker Committee of ASWA is as “an Ex-officio member” representing the ASWA Secretariat.

BEYONCE KARUNGI is a trans sex worker from Uganda and the Executive Director for Transgender Equality Uganda. She is one of the board co-chairs.

Beyonce  is a passionate transgender woman/ sex work rights activist/a human rights defender and a queer feminist for the Key Affected Populations (KAPs) with an extensive and profound experience in doing advocacy around Trans* and gender equity issues from in Uganda.

She started doing activism work in 2009 up to date. Beyonce is also involved in the advocacy against violence towards women and girls, sex and sexuality for youth programming on the national level and hence advocating for the young people to access friendly SRHR services through public education including the queer youth.

She has also worked with the International Reference Group on Trans* in partnership with UNDP, UNFPA UNAIDS, PEPFAR, The Global Fund USAID to develop the comprehensive HIV and STIs programs with Transgender people. In addition, during her advocacy work she has been involved in raising awareness campaigns about the Key Populations on the National Level in setting up and prioritising the action plans for Key Populations in Uganda.

MAMBO AMISI Modeste is human rights defender and activist and epidemiologist, co-founder of HODSAS (Man for Rights and Sexual Health), initiative of men, women and transgender in a context of survival sex, started at the city ​​of Bukavu / South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2010, in response to the promotion of health and protection against this community.

Modeste has been a member of the ASWA Board of Directors since 2013, which has allowed him to be a focal point in the fight against HIV and AIDS with female, male and transgender sex workers. He has conducted various surveys and studies on HIV prevention, care and treatment among Key Populations in Eastern DR Congo.

He is a university graduate in Public Health, HIV Epidemiology option since 2011. Under his direction sex workers in DR Congo and Francophone Africa are involved in networking and organising to promote the fight against HIV and AIDS and human rights through ASWA and NSWP.

Modeste is the co-founder and initiator of the West and Central Africa Sex Work Coalition, CAFOC-TS, which was set up this year 2018. As a trainer, educator and researcher on promoting the rights to health and protection of sex workers, women, men and transgender people in Africa and around the world, he continues to serve his community and promoting of human rights.

He is a board co-chair.


My name is Amaka Enemo, a graduate of Political Science from Delta State University.

I am the national coordinator of Nigeria Sex Workers Association (NSWA) and also the Executive Director of Passion and Concern for Women Welfare and Empowerment Initiative (PACOWWEI), a female sex worker community based organisation based in Abuja. I am also the national chairperson of Key Affected Population secretariat.

I was among the 2016 AVAC advocacy fellow where I am deeply engaged in promoting PrEP for key affected population in Nigeria.


Kholi Buthelezi has been a feminist activist since 2002. She is the National Coordinator of SISONKE national movement currently based and fiscally hosted at SWEAT. Sisonke was established in 2003 with Kholi as a founding member, and is a sex work led movement.

Kholi has experience in many spheres of work – she has progressed from being a peer educator, to outreach and development worker, progressing to African Sex Worker Alliance Country Co-ordinator to her current position as Coordinator for Sisonke and a member of the SWEAT management team. Kholi is an active advocate for sex workers rights in South Africa, across Africa as well as internationally.

Her passion and dream is to mobilise and organise sex workers of all diversities regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity to claim their rights, including advocacy on setting standards for fair and safe working conditions; decriminalise adult sex work, universal access to health, legal and social services; and consistent safer sex practices and sex workers’ health and wellbeing. She works with other women’s organisations, engages in national, regional and international advocacy efforts on sex work.


Sanyu Hajjara Batte is the Executive Director Lady of Mermaid’s Bureau. She is the alternate representative of Key Affected Population on the Global Fund Uganda Country Coordinating Mechanism, a Board Assistant Treasurer at Most at Risk Populations Network and Community Advisory Board Assistant Chairperson for Key and Priority Populations of BAYLOR Uganda.

She works for a sex worker led organisation with experience on key population programming, strong community and national advocacy skills, research and documentation, governance leadership and strategic management of empowering communities for change.

She is sex worker, a sex worker rights activist and a human rights defender. She has spoken out against violations of human rights against sex workers since 2009, especially highlighting issues of Gender Based Violence, sexual violence and equal access to friendly health services without stigma and discrimination.

Hajarra is a solution driven manager, coordinator, networker, mobiliser, communicator and mediator. She believes in equal rights for all human beings without stigma and discrimination. She holds a Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership, Deakin University Melbourne Australia.

Hassna Uwingabe Murenzi (RWANDA)

Hassna Uwingabe Murenzi is the ExecutiveDirector and a founding member of Feminist Action Development Alliance (FADA), a sex worker and LGBT led organisation in Rwanda.

Hassna has been a part of the Rwandan Sex Work and LGBT movement for the last 10 years. Among the successes gained during this time was the decriminalising of LGBT in Rwanda , the strengthening of the sex work community and improved co-ordination between the Key Population groups.

As the ED, Hassna has been able to increase the membership of FADA from the original 11 members to 250 members and from a small sector in Nyamirambo, Kigali to different districts and provinces across the country.

She is also the Rwandan National Key Informant for the Global Network of Sex Work Projects and National Coordinator in Rwanda.


I am Lala Maty Sow, an activist leader and Senegalese sex worker. I have worked HIV programing and response since 1995. I started as a peer mentor, a peer educator for a sex worker’s organisation called AWA. Currently, I run an organisation of sex workers called And Soppeku. It was started in 2008 and was legally registered in 2009. The organisation comprises 200 sex workers. It covers five regions of Senegal (Dakar, Kaolack, Thies, Sedhiou, Kolda). We are in prevention, support for medical, psychosocial, nutritional, advocacy and promotion of human rights.


Je suis Lala Maty Sow , leader activiste ,travailleuse du sexe sénégalaise . Je suis dans la réponse au VIH depuis 1995. j’ai débutée comme relais, pair éducatrice au sein d’une organisation d’encadrement des travailleuses du sexe nommé AWA. Actuellement je dirige une organisation de travailleuses du sexe qui s’appelle And Soppeku . Elle est née en 2008 et à eu sa reconnaissance juridique en 2009. Elle est composée de 200 travailleuses du sexe. Elle couvre 5 régions du Sénégal (Dakar, Kaolack, Thiès, Sédhiou, Kolda). Nous sommes dans la prévention, l’appui à la prise en charge médicale, psychosociale, nutritionnelle, au plaidoyer, à la promotion des droits humains.


Atalia Erenesto Cradle is a founding of Tiyane Vavassate, Mozambique, and also secretary of the board of the General Assembly. She is a coordinating and supervising member of Tiyane. She has worked as a peer educator for six years and also in the project Limquige / Steps for three years as a peer educator par.


Atalia Erenesto Cuna, nacionalidade Mocambicana. Membro fundador da tiyane vavassate, ocupacao ou  posicao  secretaria da mesa da Assembleia geral.

Membro de coordenacao e supervisao da Tiyane,ja trabalhei no 100% vida como educadora de par,  durante seis

(6)  anos e tambem no projeto Limquige/ passos durante tres (3) anos como educadora de par. Frenquente 8 classe do ano corrente.

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