ASWA is looking for a consultant to develop its strategic plan

The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) is looking for a consultant /consultancy firm to develop its Strategic Plan for 2021-2024. The duration of the work is five months of closely working with six regional focal persons.

ASWA membership is multi-lingual (English, French, Portuguese and Kiswahili)

ASWA has marked key a milestone by turning 10 with key successes in its mission to amplify the voice of sex workers in regional and global platforms

To further ASWA is therefore looking for a transformational strategic roadmap that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the diverse community of sex workers working and living in Africa.

About ASWA

The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) is the Pan African alliance of sex worker-led organisations formed in 2009 with membership from 34 countries and expanding.


To amplify the voices of sex workers as well as advocate for the health and human rights of the diverse community of sex workers working and living in Africa.


A world where sex work is recognised as a protected work in Africa, and where the health and human rights of all sex workers living and working in Africa are secured in an environment free of stigma and discrimination.

Points of interest: In its Strategic Plan 2017-2020, the African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) prioritised a long-term strategy to create partnerships with relevant partners from governments, civil society organisations, technical institutions, research organisations, communities, academia and the private sector to works towards creating legal regimes that recognises sex work as work, repealing of repressive laws, and call for implementation of laws that protect and promote the rights of sex workers.

Strategic focus:

  • Advocate for changes to laws and polices at the regional and international levels
  • Strengthen the skills and knowledge of the African sex workers’ movement
  • Build a strong and resilient organisation
  • Strengthen our organisational and operational structures

Find the Strategic Plan attached here.Strategic Plan

Our objectives are:  

  • Organisational capacity strengthening and technical support: The effectiveness and efficiency with which sex worker-led organisations and networks influence law makers, policy makers and programme implementers at national, regional, and international level is dependent on their capacities to engage in advocacy processes, formulating and implementing community led programmes, promotion of human rights and standing up against criminalisation
  • Support the self-organisation and self-determination of sex workers: The visibility and engagement of sex workers in advocacy, political, treaty bodies and special regional and global procedures is critical in mobilising support for decriminalisation of sex work. Thus, skills and knowledge to effectively participate in regional and global discourses on human rights are critical. Thus, sex worker-led organisations require specific capacities and to ensure their experiences and expertise inform policies and positions that affect their lives and work
  • To promote an evidence-based approach to highlight the enormous harms caused to sex workers and to women’s rights when sex workers are not recognised as rights bearers
  • Advocate for recognition of the distinction between sex work as a free choice and criminal practices such as human trafficking and violence
  • Oppose forced labour and exploitation that do not meet the threshold of human trafficking through advocating for the rights of sex workers
  • Increase the visibility and engagement of sex worker-led organisations in women’s movement spaces to ensure a focus in mainstream women’s movement spaces on the human rights of sex workers whilst addressing the conflation of sex work and trafficking

Expected deliverables:

  • Budget
  • Work plan
  • A summary evaluation report of ASWA’s 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. The report should include ‘key messages’ about ASWA’s strengths, weaknesses and lessons in 22016-2020. It should also comprise an analysis of ASWA’s theory of change its relevance in the organisation’s future
  • A monitoring and evaluation framework
  • A new strategic plan that will include:
  1. Organisational structure
  2. Financial management system
  3. fundraising strategy
  4. Membership structure
  5. Board elections and structure
  6. A clear framework on a regional and global advocacy plan with examples of communications resources and simpler and more creative approaches to focus on key messages, increase access to information for a range of members
  7. A long term capacity building strategy
  8. Recommendations on promotion of rights- and evidence-based policies and programmes for and by sex workers


  • The consultant will work closely with identified regional representatives (six) and registered ASWA members in Africa to gather the relevant information
  • A third of the fees will be paid upon the delivery of the summary evaluation to ASWA


  • Expertise and experience in strategic planning
  • Ability to take the lead and responsibility for planning and delivering key actions to complete the process
  • An understanding of power dynamics within the sex workers’ movement in Africa

ASWA values diversity and encourages applications from individuals with sex work experience and will consider applications from all sections of the community. Priority will be given to suitably qualified applicants who have sex work experience.

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