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Kenya: Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) National Coordinator Phelister Abdalla

                            How are you and the sex workers in your country responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?  The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed KESWA’s physical operations this includes face to face meetings which the government of Kenya banned to curb the spread of COVID -19 Pandemic. However, KESWA has managed to conduct sensitization trainings and responded to

Malawi: Community Health Rights Advocacy (CHeRA) Executive Director Aniz Mitha

How are you and the sex workers in your country responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? I’m doing great, the ability of the sex workers to protect themselves against COVID depends on sex workers themselves since there is no any support that come from the government to help the sex workers with the pandemic response. What

Malawi-Female Sex Workers Association(FSWA);Executive Director Lucy Majawa

How are you and the sex workers in your country responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? We are advocating and lobbing other stake holders to work together to fight against COVID 19 while disseminating information to fellow sex workers through campaign awareness, radio broadcasting and even distributing of IEC materials with the context of COVID 19

Congolese sex workers face death, rape and sexual violence

Congolese sex workers face death, rape and sexual violence ASWA is in solidarity with sex-workers organisations HODSAS and UMANDE in DR Congo to STRONGLY CONDEMN the recent violence against sex workers in the Democratic Republic of  Congo. On the 16th of September 2020, three sex workers (Jeanette, Bahati and Mugoli)  in Kavumu in the territory

Sex Worker Pride 2020

Sex Worker Pride 2020 In 2019, ASWA’s main partner NSWP inaugurated Sex Workers Pride which is held on 14th September annually to showcase sex workers’ own ability to self-organize and also foster recognition and inclusion in all health and rights response. It also depicts the gains which have been accomplished by the sex workers as

Kholi Buthelezi: Why I fight for decriminalisation of sex work

I am passion driven, a team player and the love for the work I do keeps me going. In addition, the sex worker movement brings together people who advocate for the same common goal. I put myself into people’s shoes in anything I do. This is important in understanding the community you with. Sisonke, South

HIV 2020 Online

The HIV2020 Conference was initiated as an alternative to the AIDS 2020.The AIDS 2020 was to be held in U.S.A, a country that prohibits in law the entry of sex workers. The Key Population key partners namely  Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) Global Network of People living with HIV(GNP+), International Network of People

Zimbabwe Sex Workers Alliance National Coordinator: Gregory Brighton Kata Profile

Kindly tell us who you are in the most comfortable way My name is Gregory Brighton Kata. I am the founder and the national coordinator of the Zimbabwe Sex Workers Alliance-Facebook. I am 34 years old and a proud male Sex worker. I also served as one of the African representatives to the Global Network of

ASWA discusses the Effects of The U.S.A Supreme Court’s ruling-Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath (APLO) on sex workers.

ASWA and CHANGE analyse the effects of the U.S.A Supreme Court’s ruling -Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath (APLO) on sex workers. ASWA and CHANGE- https://srhrforall.org had discussions yesterday about the, Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath (APLO). The anti-prostitution loyalty oath (APLO) is a provision in the United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003 (the Act) that

The impact of COVID-19 on sex workers in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated communities across Africa. It has disrupted means of livelihoods, strained health services and heightened human rights violations. Sex workers are among the worst impacted by both the pandemic and the response. Prior to the pandemic, most governments were unresponsive to the needs and human rights of sex workers. Presently, in

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