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Alarm over rising cases of rape of sex workers by police in DR Congo

Sex worker-led groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo have raised concerns rampant rape of sex workers by police and military officers. The Congolese Alliance for Human Rights (ACODHU-TS) and UMANDE, which are both sex worker-led collectives say the violence has been on the rise since 2018 when the government launched an operation called Ujana to apparently ‘rid the country of

Kenyan group, HOYMAS, wins global grant award

Kenya’s male sex worker-led group, HOYMAS (Health Options for Young Men on HIV/AIDS & STI) is one of the recipients of this year’s VIIV Healthcare Positive Action Challenge on Sex, Work, Life and HIV: Stigma-Free Services for Sex Workers. The award presented during this year’s International Aids Society(IAS) Mexico 2019 conference was given to Hoymas

Every sex worker has a story to tell about violence

All over the world, sex workers experience high rates of violence. Even where there are high rates of violence against women, sex workers experience a higher burden The majority of sex workers have experienced violence in their lives, and the majority have experienced more than one violation. Indeed, many research studies have concluded that violence

Rare Moment as Tanzanian Leader Calls for Recognition of Sex Work

The chairman of one of the administrative regions in Tanzania, Simon Tyosela, has called for recognition of sex work as work. During a meeting to discuss the region’s 2019-2020 budget this month, Tyosela asked fellow leaders to consider sex work as a business that could generate income for the regional government. He proposed that there

Call to Include Sex Workers in UN and Other Global Meetings

Leaders of several sex–worker lead organizations in Africa are attending this year’s UN session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York. The leaders are part of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) delegation whose main objective is to lobby for inclusion and engagement of sex workers in high-level

Human Trafficking Complicates Life for Sex Workers in Nigeria

Sex workers are some of the easy targets of human traffickers in Nigeria. Poverty and collapse of law and order in Libya has made it easy for various gangs to sneak sex workers from various states of Nigeria to Europe, where various reports show they suffer gross human rights violations and abuse. Hundreds of others

Worrying increase in crackdown and arrest of sex workers in several African countries

There has been an increase in crackdown and arrest of sex workers in several countries across Africa. Several countries have launched initiatives to ‘bring back African morals and values’. For the last three months, over 300 sex workers in Tanzania, Democratic Republic Congo (DRC), Angola, South Sudan and Burundi have reportedly been arrested. Raids and

Sex Workers in Ethiopia Still Chained by Oppressive NGO Despite Ongoing Political Changes

Since taking over power as Ethiopia’s Prime Minister in April this year, Abiy Ahmed, has made sweeping changes that have earned him the tag of a reformist. One of his first visible acts internationally was to restore diplomatic relationships with forthwith rivals, Eritrea. He also visited Somalia once considered a frosty neighbour, something that led

19th Sex Worker Academy Africa Underway in Nairobi

17 sex workers from three countries in Africa are gathering in Nairobi for the 19th Sex Workers Academy Africa (SWAA) in Nairobi. Participants are drawn from Mali, Swaziland and Kenya. In a weeklong training, participants will be taken through sessions aimed at building skills and knowledge to influence policy and service delivery in their countries. The

African Union Council Dims Hope for Sex Workers’ Engagement With Rights Commission

A pronouncement by the African Union Executive Council will make it impossible for sex worker-led organisation to engage the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) directly. It will also make reporting human rights violations among sex workers and Key Populations difficult. The Executive Council through Decision 1015 places restrictions and barriers for civil

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