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HIV 2020 Online:Where is the money for Key Population?

                                                         HIV 2020 Online                                  Where is the money for Key Population? The discussion was held on 20th October 2020 via zoom platform. It was moderated by Phelister Abdalla Kenya Sex Workers Alliance National Coordinator. It was a global conversation as the participants were drawn from all over the world including bilateral and multilateral donors

Kenya: Kenya Sex Workers Alliance (KESWA) National Coordinator Phelister Abdalla

                            How are you and the sex workers in your country responding to the COVID-19 pandemic?  The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed KESWA’s physical operations this includes face to face meetings which the government of Kenya banned to curb the spread of COVID -19 Pandemic. However, KESWA has managed to conduct sensitization trainings and responded to

HIV Prevention eHealth interventions for sex workers in Africa

HIV Prevention eHealth interventions for sex workers in Africa ASWA  joined AVERT -@Avert_org    in a zoom meeting held on 3rd September 2020 at 2 P.M  to disseminate  key findings  from a research on female sex workers which was conducted  by  Louisa Manby-UCL (University College London), @lj_manby .The  research methodology involved interviews and focus groups. The

Malawi-Female Sex Workers Association(FSWA);Executive Director Lucy Majawa

How are you and the sex workers in your country responding to the COVID-19 pandemic? We are advocating and lobbing other stake holders to work together to fight against COVID 19 while disseminating information to fellow sex workers through campaign awareness, radio broadcasting and even distributing of IEC materials with the context of COVID 19

Sex Workers Pride 2020 ASWA Online Discussion

                                    ASWA Online Discussion African sex workers celebrated the Sex Workers Pride Day with style, enthusiasm and pomp. The theme for the day was ‘sex work our pride’. From South Africa all the way to the West of Africa, the female, male and transgender sex workers joined the online discussion that was organized by ASWA,

ASWA advocates for African sex workers to be rights-bearers

United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights outlines rights for all including sex workers. Introduction On October 24, 1945, The United Nations (UN) was formed, moments after the end of World War II to foster peace globally and save the world from the catastrophe of global conflict. Thereafter United Nations global representatives officially validated and

AIDS 2020: Virtual

The 23rd International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2020) was to be held on 6-10 July 2020 in U.S.A, but due to COVID-19 it was held virtually. It was the first virtual edition of the International AIDS Conference. The theme of the conference was ‘Resilience’. It is held every 2 years and is organized by International Aids

Eswatini: Voice of Our Voices

                            Outline the history of your organization. How and why was your organization formed? Voice of Our Voices was formed in 2017 by 56 sex workers who come from the four regions of Eswatini, who had faced challenges including access to health services, human rights violation from members of the public, clients and uniform forces

UN Women Executive Director fuels stigma by calling sex work the most desperate job

ASWA expresses  solidarity with our member in South Africa  Sisonke, the national movement of sex workers to condemn the sentiments conveyed by United Nations Executive Director Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka saying ‘’we do not think that this is something that most women do out of the love for this job, this is the most desperate job

The upsurge of sex workers violence in Africa.

The African sex workers leadership led by Grace ASWA regional coordinator, Phelister Abdalla Vice President and member of NSWP board of directors -Global Network of sex work projects and also KESWA’s national coordinator and Peninah Mwangi, executive director of the Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Programme in Kenya had an interview with Thomson Reuters Foundation

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