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The overarching framework regarding ‘Discouraging the demand that fosters exploitation leading to trafficking’

Requested change (deletion):   Section IV, e “Root causes of trafficking in women and girls (DEL and discouraging the demand that fosters their exploitation through trafficking)”   Reason: ‘Demand’ is a root cause of trafficking[1] (see, for example, Recommended Principles and Guidelines, Guideline 7, p. 9, “Strategies aimed at preventing trafficking should take into account

The ambiguous use of the term ‘sexual exploitation’ and ‘prostitution’:

  The conflation of sexual exploitation and trafficking with voluntary adult sex work has led to violation that severely undermine the rights of sex workers. By conflating voluntary adult sex work with exploitation, resources are being misdirected into policing and punishing consensual sex work rather than identifying people who are trafficked into sex work and

The recognition of the adverse collateral effects of anti-trafficking efforts

 Requested changes (additions): – Clause b): “Ensure that raids conducted by law enforcement authorities with a view to dismantling trafficking networks do not justify or result in criminal prosecution or other coercive measures, including gender-based violence, abuse and harassment, against any group of women, (INS particularly sex workers, including migrants who are most often subject

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