Lady Mermaid’s Bureau – Uganda

Project Info

Project Description

Lady Mermaid’s Bureau (LMB) is the first sex worker organization in Uganda. It was established in 2002 as a female sex worker organization and became a female sex worker-led organization in 2010.

This was done by a team of four sex workers with the support from partners, donors, and allies who felt that it was high time for sex workers to take ownership and lead of their own programs and projects.

LMB advocates for human rights of female and bi-sexual sex workers with an emphasis on health and labor rights of sex workers in Uganda. It is devoted to advocating for the recognition of sex workers, networking and improving relationships between sex workers and their communities and challenging existing policies that infringe on sex workers’ human rights.

LMB exists to strengthen the voices, empower, advocate for and advance the health and human rights of female sex workers including those living with HIV through mobilization, networking, capacity building, and partnership.

Vision: A Ugandan society where sex work is recognised, respected and protected.

Mission: To promote improved friendly HIV and Sex Rights and Reproductive Health Services to advocate for human rights of adult sex workers in Uganda.

Goal: A free Uganda where sex workers are treated with dignity and humanity regardless of their profession.

Thematic areas 
  • Health and policy advocacy
  • Institutional and community capacity building
  • Research and documentation
  • Partnerships, resource mobilization & networking
  • To increase access and community awareness over Sex Workers and HIV and AIDS issues, Human and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Services
  • To strengthen capacities of LMB as an institution and sex workers to initiate, develop, implement and sustain development programs aimed at addressing the goal and mission of LMB
  • To improve availability, access, and utilization to information regarding sex workers rights and health issues to ensure evidence-based advocacy and community interventions
  • To initiate and strengthen partnerships with government, collaborators and development partners to synergize advocacy efforts aimed at developing LMB and the sex worker community