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Project Description

Solidarity Network for Sex Workers Rights Réseau Solidarité pour le Droit des Travailleuses du Sexe /RSDTS is not for profit organization, it is a network made up of civil persons as stipulated in article 3 of cap 1 of 1/11 made in April 1992 on organizational framework governing not for profit-making organizations in Burundi.


  • Rally sex workers to invest in improving their living conditions in the community.
  • Promote sexual health of sex workers, transgender persons through outreach and voluntary screening and HIV control.
  • Free condom and lubricant distribution in sex worker hot spots and in hotels
  • Protect the rights of key populations namely sex workers and transgender as stipulated in article 5 of the statute
  • Strengthen the capacity of sex worker groups in the domain of human rights, health (HIV’AIDS) and socio-economic independence.
  • Promote the sexual health of sex workers and transgender persons
  • Promote the establishment of free legal support for sex workers who are victims of violence
  • Promote the setting up of a protection system for victims and their witnesses, for instance, put in place welcome centers and emergency services and jurisdictions to curb discrimination against sex workers.
  • Advocate for change and amendment of laws which criminalize sex work.

To achieve these objectives, RSDTS shall carry out the following activities:

  • Sensitization
  • Training
  • Advocacy
  • Support and Advice

Organizational structure

RSDTS operates through a flexible and democratic structure composed of 4 bodies, the general assembly which is the supreme body for decision making and deliberations. It is made up of all members of the network. Then there is the executive committee which is the body charged with monitoring and verification of decisions taken at the general assembly within a period of 5 years.

Then there is an audit committee which is charged with the responsibility of auditing the network. It is made up of 3 persons elected during the general assembly for a period of 5 years.

Finally, there is a provincial advisory council, this body is tasked to manage RSDTS’s provincial branches. The members of this council are elected by provincial delegates to work for a period of 5 years


Build and develop a truly democratic society which allows holistic and integrated development of male and female sex workers.

Areas of interventions

The solidarity network works in the domain of HIV control sensitization, advocacy, legal assistance, medical and social-economic support to victims of HIV/AIDS and human rights violation

Scope of actions

RSDTS is operational in urban centers and most visited places in rural areas in Burundi.


  • 2010-2011, Participated in an HIV/AIDS control project targeting sex workers in the municipality of Mutimbuzi
  • 2011-2012 RSDTS awakened the interest of sex worker groups to include human rights aspects in their daily activities and more than half of the groups bought the idea
  • 2012: Establishment of an inclusive network of individuals and groups to promote and protect the sex workers rights both male and female.
  • 2012-2013: Establishment of 10 RSDTS branches in 17 provinces of Burundi
  • The launch of an information bulletin and sensitization bulletin on sex worker rights in Burundi.
  • The opening of an office and hiring of some office equipment for administrative tasks in May 2012.
  • 2013 to present, awareness creation campaigns on HIV /AIDS transmission control in collaboration with AEOP and l’ANSS.
  • Participation in the NSWP national consultation in May 2015


Participation in regional capacity building workshops organized by:

  • ASWA
  • UNAIDS, on the use of global funds held in Dakar in October 2015
  • NSWP
  • Through the Human Rights project, we have brochures within ANSS Burundi


Lack of external financial partners to fund our activities. Up until now we only have one financial partner, our organization relies on members contributions to operate and for this reason, our activities are limited due to lack of finance.

Ongoing project:

Writing of an article entitled: SEX WORK IS MY PROFESSION



  • (Association for Health and Sanitation) L’Association pour l’Hygiène et Assainissement /APHA
  • (National support Association for Seropositive Persons ) Association Nationale pour le soutien aux séropositif/ANSS


  • Association TUSAIDIANE in the Democratic Republic Congo DRC
  • REFEADES in the Democratic Republic Congo DRC
  • ACAFED in the Democratic Republic Congo DRC

RSDTS is a member of:

  • African sex workers Alliance
  • Global Network of Sex Work Projects /NSWP