ZIMSWA – Zimbabwe

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Project Description

Zimbabwe Sex Workers Alliance


To contribute to improved human rights status of sex workers by designing and implementing innovative, evidence-based and cost-effective advocacy campaigns capable of influencing public policy and practice in the field of Human Rights


Creating a society in which all sex workers are able to enjoy the fundamental rights and are free from violence and discrimination in Zimbabwe


  • To mobilize and capacitate sex workers on their health and legal rights (to know, own and advocate for their own rights)
  • To build a network of sex workers’ movement in the country and across the continent
  • To strengthen sex workers leadership through meaningful involvement at every level
  • To provide legal assistance to sex workers
  • Engagement in strategic litigation forums with stakeholders
  • Generate credible research on issues affecting sex workers that will inform them to develop their own responses


ZIMSWA founded in 2014 is an umbrella body of sex workers be it male, female and transgender sex workers in the country. Any member that identify as a sex worker in Zimbabwe can be a member of ZIMSWA. The registration process is ongoing and a board of trustees has already been identified.