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Hajjara is a sex worker, a queer feminist, a human rights activist and defender. Besides that, she is the Executive Director Lady of Mermaid’s Bureau. She is the alternate representative of Key Affected Population on the Global Fund Uganda Country Coordinating Mechanism, a Board Assistant Treasurer at Most at Risk Populations Network and Community Advisory Board Assistant Chairperson for Key and Priority Populations of BAYLOR Uganda. She works for a sex worker led organisation with experience on key population programming, strong community and national advocacy skills, research and documentation, governance leadership and strategic management of empowering communities for change. She is also a Gender Based Violence Champion and trainer with 10 years’ working experience with sex worker led organisations and networks at National and regional level. Hajjara is broadly experienced in programming, advocacy, research and documentation, governance leadership and strategic management. She is a solution driven manager, coordinator, networker, mobiliser, communicator and mediator. She believes in equal rights for all human beings without stigma and discrimination. She holds a Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership, Deakin University Melbourne Australia.

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