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Pelagie is a sex worker, activist and advocate for the rights of sex workers. She is a co-founder and executive of Conscience et Vie (Consciousness and Life), an Ivorian initiative and identity by and for sex workers. She is also a founding member and president of the Network of Key Populations Organisations of Côte d’Ivoire (ROPC-CI). Before starting co-founding her organisation, she had previously worked at the NGO BLETY (a sex worker led organisation) and ANYAMA Espace Confiance (Safe Space). In 2009, she worked as a biological laboratory technician for the NGO Espace Confiance. She was involved in a research on the lives and experiences of sex workers on the streets, hotels and in brothels in Abidjan. She actively involved in campaigns to push for decriminalisation of sex work in her country and a member of a network of sex worker led organisations in Africa (CAFOC-TS). Pelagie hopes to expand her advocacy to regional platforms in Africa. She is a graduate of nursing and social sciences.

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